In-Store Advertising Optimization System


The System

  • The object of OptiRetailChain is to achieve maximum increase of a preferred merchandising figure of merit like revenue, profit, etc. in retail chain environment by target advertising of selected number of store items.
  • OptiRetailChain installs in-store smart displays (connected through Internet/Intranet) in retail chain branches.
  • OptiRetailChain obtains from the supermarket computer detailed real-time data for each sale made, and detailed revenue and cost information on every product in the store.
  • From our server, OptiRetailChain obtains real-time information regarding time and length of advertising message for each product in the store.
  • Real-time optimization is done according to sales data and supplier-defined advertising profile.
  • By appropriately combining all the latest statistical data available, OptiRetailChainís proprietary Advertising Optimization System calculates the best time and in-store location of the message schedule, hence closing more sales and increasing returns.
  • Utilizing machine-learning capabilities, actual video-clip playlist is dynamically updated for every in-store display and responds to daily sale fluctuations effected by all display locations.

Turnkey Solution

OptiRetailChain In-Store Advertising Optimization Solution is a remotely controlled decision-support system (US patent pending) for maximizing in-store net profits by optimizing advertising clip schedules. Makor provides its OptiRetailChain as a COMPLETE TURNKEY SOLUTION including:
  • OptiRetailChain's unique Promotion Optimization software.
  • A complete hardware and software solution including displays.
  • Full installation, on-site full-care maintenance.
  • System ready to work in wide range of databases and computing environments.
  • Advertising effectiveness evaluation (which is performed for all interested parties: retailer, advertiser, supplier).
  • Continual testing and quality assurance process.